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If the child's parents are alive, will they support you as guardian, or will they be angry with you and try to interfere?

Duties of a Guardian

Some parents may fight the guardianship, or the court may say that they can have regular visitation. Rights and responsibilities of guardians As guardian of the person, you will have these responsibilities: You decide where the child lives. If you move, you must tell the court in writing right away.

If you want to move out of California, you have to get the court's permission. You decide where the child goes to school. You must stay involved in the child's education, and help the child get any special services, like tutoring, that he or she needs.

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You must take care of the child's medical and dental needs, making sure he or she gets proper care. In most cases, you can also make decisions about any medical treatment the child needs. You must get the child counseling or other mental health services if the child needs them.

But you cannot place the child in a mental health institution without a court order unless the child agrees. At least once a year, you will turn in a status report to the court.

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You must also meet with any court investigators or social workers sent by the court and come to court when the court tells you to. The court can also order you to take on other duties or can place special conditions on you as guardian, if needed.

Family Protection Plans

Also: In most cases, guardians, like parents, are responsible for harm or damages the child causes, including graffiti or getting in a car accident. Like a parent, a guardian is responsible for the intentional acts of the minor, and also for negligent supervision of the minor or the negligent entrustment of a motor vehicle giving the child access to a car when he or she is unlicensed or otherwise not capable of handling the responsibility. You cannot let the child live with his or her parents or anyone else.

The child must live with you unless the judge says otherwise. You can let the child stay with other people for visits or short periods of time without a court order, as long as the child continues to primarily live with you, the guardian. The parents may be able to visit and see their child, but you or the court decide when and how often.

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The parents may get custody of their child back in the future if the court decides that the child no longer needs to have a guardian. You will have the right to make these decisions affecting the child: You may give the child permission to apply for a driver's license. Or you may choose to not give him or her permission.

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If the child has an accident while driving your car, you may be responsible for any damages caused by the accident. You may give the child permission to enlist in the military. If the child enters into active duty with the armed forces, the guardianship will end.

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