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Every state has its own ever-changing labor laws — and mandatory posting regulations to accompany those laws. Personnel Concepts Coupon Codes. Reveal Code.

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CODE: W Start Shopping at PersonnelConcepts. If the services offered are, for example, most medical spa or telemedicine healthcare services, then usually Medicare and Stark are not involved. Again, most medical spa or telemedicine healthcare services do not involve DHS.

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Third, even if we assume that Stark and self-referral laws are not involved, questions about coupons or discounts can trigger anti-kickback and fee-splitting laws—and sometimes corporate practice of medicine questions too. Every state has its own anti-kickback and fee-splitting law.

Couponers Can Help Fight Coupon Fraud

7 CFR § - Coupons as obligations of the United States, crimes and offenses. any other applicable Federal, State or local law, regulation or ordinance. Coupon fraud is almost always a violation of federal, state or local laws and those who participate in it face the possibility of criminal punishment.

So we have to ask whether the Web-based coupon or discount for physician or other clinical services involves:. A coupon or discount clearly fits into the third bullet, and it would seem the intent is to offer the coupon or discount to the prospective patient as an inducement for the patient to visit the physician or other licensed healthcare professional.

One popular promoter of discount coupons for clinician visits, Groupon, faced some legal challenges with online advertising of coupons for visits to healthcare providers. If the advertising company does not refund the entire purchase price, then the licensee must do so.

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This seems to provide some leeway to style an arrangement as receives one in which the venture receives an administrative or advertising fee for its online service, from the healthcare licensee or professional healthcare corporation. However, the arrangement still must be carefully structured, to avoid the appearance of an illegal joint venture, or otherwise as one violative of fee-splitting and CPM rules. An S-corporation operates a website that includes coupons for health care items and services and advertising on behalf of health care practitioners and entities.

The corporation would contract with physicians and other healthcare providers and suppliers to post coupons for healthcare items or services on the website. The Terms of Use would specify requirements related to the coupons, which would include discounts on items and services that are reimbursable by federal healthcare monies.

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The healthcare entities and practitioners would have to give the same discount to any third-party payor or insurance carrier that the healthcare entity or practitioner offers to patient — i. The website would clarify this requirement.

The corporation would not be in a position to make any referrals to any practitioner who posts coupons on the website. Healthcare entities and practitioners would have a profile listing on the website, and be charged a flat monthly fee for membership; and they would specify the start and end date for coupons and the percentage or dollar-off amount.

The healthcare entities and practitioners could also advertise on the site. The Terms of Use would require that providers and advertisers comply with the discount safe harbor to the anti-kickback statute.